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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Vitamin C Removing Dark Spots

Probably the most annoying spots are by far the black ones, as well as those dark patches.

They are very anesthetic and can create real psychological complexes to those people having to cope with these problems.

If you are one of those persons who want to get rid of dark spots and do not know which methods you have at your disposal for that, here are the most used types of treatments which can be used for an effective cure of your skin.

Yet, no matter what treatment you choose, it is essential to know what that treatment presupposes and if you are ready to take the consequences (if side effects have been reported). One of the substances which is highly benefic for the skin and can effectively remove dark spots without affecting the cellular structure or damaging the skin is Vitamin C. This vitamin is great for removing any color imperfection as it gets actively involved in the production of melanin, inhibiting it. The melanin is the substance which offers the skin that dark tint, thus if less melanin is produced, the new layers of skin which will be revealed in some weeks after the treatment with Vitamin C will be whiter and in most cases will have the same color as the rest of the skin.

In most severe cases, more than one session of treatment with Vitamin C will be needed so that greater effects will be seen.

Water is the main source of moisture for the skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and the chances that your skin will get spotted will be reduced significantly. In addition to that, the skin will be moisturized and will have a healthy, glowing look, while the apparition of fine lines will be diminished considerably.

And believe it or not, the things you eat have a great impact on the way your skin looks like.

Short Bob Haircuts

• The best popularity of this hair style was during WW1 in France when in 1915 women ambulance drivers chose the hairstyle for sanitation reasons and convenience
• It became popular in the U.S. in 1918 when the famous ballroom dancer Irene Castle wore a short bob cut and changed ladies looks during the 1920’s. Most women kept their hair long so cutting it short made them feel they had made some steps toward equality and independence from men.

Pros of short bob style haircuts

• Looks good on many facial structures
• Works with different textures of hair such as thin or fine hair layered using a short bob cut to give the appearance of more volume and dimension.
• Highly fashionable
• Easy to shampoo and let dry
• If you participate in sports or have an active lifestyle these haircuts is a great choice. It makes it easier for swimmers to tuck their hair under their swimming cap
• These haircuts do not require extensive styling
• If you work in a job that requires you to wear a hairnet this shorter style is easier to tuck under a hair net. With a short bob hairstyle, you do not have to worry about long strands of hair coming out of the hairnet
• These short haircuts are ideal for those that live year round in a hot climate, as it is comfortable and cooler on your neck.
• It is a great style for summer and spring

Cons of short bob style haircuts

• It limits a woman’s styling options
• Some with natural curly hair stated the short hairstyle made their hair unruly.
• It is very short in the back so it is difficult to tie any of your hair back with hair clips or ribbons.
• Although these haircuts can go with most face styles those with an oblong shaped face, having a short bob cut is not very flattering to them. The hairstyle tends to accentuate the chine and elongate their face and neck.

Hair Style to Flaunt

If you’re looking for an elegant, unique and yet easy to do hairstyle, then this article is for you. Here are some suggestions to try this festive season and get the perfect 10 out 10.

Fishtail Ponytail

It may look difficult, but it can easily be done within 10 minutes. Just divide your hair in two parts; now take a small portion of hair from the left section. Next, cross it over the rest of the hair. Repeat the same on the right side as well until all hair is threaded together, and then lock the ends with an elastic band.

Messy Side Bun

A messy side bun looks extremely gorgeous and is quite easy to do as well. It goes well with all traditional outfits and is ideal for girls who usually keep their mane lose. Just make a low side pony tail and twist it until it wraps into a bun, secure it in place with bobby pins. Tug at the bun a little for a softer and messy look.

Half Puff

If your outfit is very heavy and loaded with beads and embroidery then, go for a simple puff. Just take middle portion of your hair and tuck up the top with bobby pins. Let the rest of your tresses fall elegantly on either side. You can glamorize the hair`s look a lil by using some ethnic accessories like ‘tika’.

French Bun

It’s another beautiful hairstyle which is perfect if you’re planning to wear traditional gown or saree. To make French Bun just gather and twist the back of your hair as if you are making a ponytail. Twist it until you’ve reached the roots. Twist the hair up against your head and pin it. This beautiful French bun has the power to add elegance to your personality.

Hair With Gooseberries

Everyone has their own hair complaints. Even men are suffering from severe hair damage and are opting for hair treatments now. The market is abuzz with products meant for curing almost every one of your hair issues and parlours are listed with an array of treatments to repair the harm that has been done.

Our nature is abound with herbs, fruits etc that can heal and treat many of your beauty problems. A little bit of patience is required to regain what you have damaged but it will be worth the wait and the effort. Any chemical treatment is bound to harm you in the long run but treating yourself with herbal and natural cures will bless you with beauty that is real and long-lasting.

This is a simple recipe of amla (Indian gooseberries) and coconut oil. Prepare this hair oil at home. It’s easy to make, doesn’t take much time and needs only two ingredients; coconut oil and dry gooseberries. Regular usage of this oil stops hair fall and gives you thicker and fuller hair. It cures premature greying and makes your hair darker. It even changes the texture of your hair giving you lovely, soft and smooth locks.

This recipe needs (mainly) only two ingredients; coconut oil and dry gooseberries. Coconut oil nourishes you hair and scalp and promotes hair growth. Gooseberries can cure dandruff and make your hair strong, thick and glossy.

Use plain, pure coconut oil for this recipe. If you are doubtful of the quality of your oil then make the oil at home or derive it by the cold pressed method by purchasing coconuts on your own and having the oil extracted. This will give you absolute pure oil that cannot be matched with any other brands that are available in the market. There are many methods given on the net that teach you how to prepare coconut oil on your own. You could choose the one that’s convenient for you.

Hair oil recipe


· 200 ml. coconut oil

· 25 gms. dry gooseberry pieces

If your hair is rather scanty and you suffer from severe hair fall then you could add the below given ingredients as well to the oil. Soak the fenugreek seeds with the gooseberries overnight and add the castor oil, once the oil has cooled down after being cooked with the gooseberries.

· 2 tsp fenugreek seeds/ methi dana (optional)

· 1 tbsp castor oil (optional)

Method for preparing the oil:

Soak the gooseberries overnight in a vessel. The next day, heat the oil along with the gooseberries and bring it to boiling point. Now, lower the flame and let this cook on a slow flame for about 15 minutes. The oil will have turned yellowish, by now. Shut the gas and let this oil cool down naturally. Strain the oil and store it in a glass container. You could even store it without straining for maximum benefits.

To use this oil, warm some of it and apply it on your entire scalp and gently massage with your fingertips. For optimum results, leave this at least overnight and wash off with a mild shampoo and warm water, the next day. Or then leave it for a few hours. Do this at least once a week.

This oil is a little heavier and greasier than the usual, plain coconut oil because of the infusion of gooseberries, so you will need some more shampoo than usual to wash off your hair squeaky clean. If you find the oil a bit greasy for yourself, add some more of the plain coconut oil to the gooseberry oil.